StressKote Brittle Coatings
(aka Stresscoat) Sold exclusively by SK Coatings Distributors LLC
About StressKote

Brittle coat testing with StressKote, a new formulation of Stresscoat brittle coating, is one of the most straightforward and effective methods of experimental stress analysis used to improve product design. It locates critically stressed areas and visually presents principal strain directions, as well as information on the strain gradients – all of which are needed for the proper selection, location and orientation of strain gages for accurate measurement of peak stresses.


Brittle coatings or lacquer coatings are a well-known and widely accepted non-destructive testing method that has been used for years to provide test engineers with quick, reliable, graphical information about the strain response of the material to which it is bonded.


StressKote brittle coating (formerly Stresscoat), sold exclusively by SK Coatings Distributors LLC, offers consistently dependable results and is backed by the extensive industry experience of testing and engineering professionals.  


Benefits of StressKote Brittle Coating:

  • Applicable for a variety of materials including all metals, many plastics, glass, ceramics, and wood products
  • Odorless, non-flammable and low in toxicity after the drying cycle
  • Lower toxicity than similar products formerly available
  • Easy to apply to almost any part or structure regardless of size, shape or material
  • Inexpensive, efficient and easy to use, requiring no instrumentation
  • Presents an insignificant reinforcing effect on the test part


StressKote brittle coating (formerly Stresscoat), wholly distributed by SK Coatings Distributors LLC, is available in bulk form in gallon and quart containers, as well as in an aerosol propellant spray can.

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